About The Black Cat Cakery Ltd

We are a small business that prides itself on baking delicious hand-made, no-frills, mostly vegan cakes.

We supply our cakes to local shops and cafés in the Manchester area, including:

Unicorn Grocery, On the Eighth Day Café, MMU cafés, Chapter One Books, Ezra & Gil, Hampton & Vouis, Rapha, The Molly House, Freaky Shakes, Boxco, Z-Arts Café, The Font Chorlton, The Beagle, The Spoon Inn, Into The Woods, The Metropolitan Didsbury, Pres, Village Greens Co-op, Farrar’s Cafe, The Gherkin, Passion Fruit Coffee Roasters, Manchester Urban Diggers (Platt Fields Market Garden), The Alpine Tea Room and various other places in Manchester, UK.
Cakes are hand-made to order including many that meet special dietary requirements (vegan, free from dairy, free from gluten and free from refined cane sugars).


Having worked in sustainability and in workers’ cooperatives in the past, we care very much about shopping for ingredients ethically as well as locally, and are very aware of our carbon and environmental footprint.  We like to bake for places that care about these things too. Many of our ingredients are sourced from Unicorn Grocery in Chorlton and Suma, which gives us confidence in the quality and ethicality of our products. Products that we cannot source from Unicorn or Suma we buy locally from independent shops whenever possible. We compost all of our food waste and recycle all paper, cardboard, tins, glass and plastic.